Meet The Team

Founder, CEO, Lead Animator

Akib Nur

MD Akib Nur was born on 1st may,1998, in Dhaka CMH. His father was a very ordinary Government employee. After completing Intermediate board exam, he joined Bangladesh Navy as a commissioner officer. During the training, unfortunately he got an injury on his left shoulder and was admitted in Chittagong CMH. Luck was not favouring him during those days and many ups and downs were about to come. He took a decision not to waste his time, so he bought a wireless keyboard and a mouse and started to utilize the common room smart tv as a computer. He was asking himself throughout the whole day “what do you want to be”. He found some interesting courses about 3D animation from some online schools and started learning them. But could not go that much far cause sadly, smart TV can perform like a PC up to the browser, you can not install 3D animation software on smart TV.
He was somehow guessing that his long thoracic nerve damage is going to take a long time to recover and he should quit the job and start searching for his own passion. 
That was the day, which took MD Akib Nur up to this point, where he could start this company with his own funding and could also pay for 4/5 employees. Success comes with hard work and settled goal which he has from the day he went out from his Job.
Do you know a wow fact ? He is a college drop out. MIST gave him a chance to Study on NAME (Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering) after coming back from NAVY. But he could not cop up with his passion and study at a time. So he tried to stick out with his Animation. He believes that, may be the Studio is not that giant yet, but he dreams it to be like the popular studios one day.

Shahriar Galib

VFX & Post Production Artist

Ridwan Noor

Lead Illustrator

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House: 27, Road: 06/A, Sector: 5,  Uttara, Dhaka- 1230, Bangladesh.

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