Medical Animation

Eye Location Fixing Surgery

It was a surgury demonstrated for the new upcoming doctors to make them understand how the surgery happens in a situation like this where the patient gets one eye displaced.

Equine Anatomy

This is a series of bunh of videos from the Equene horse company, where the surgeon Alberto Rullan ,personally handles all the surgery and he teaches his students about the surgery, this videos are just small demonstartion about his surgery and everything so his students can better understand about the surgery.

Human Anatomy

Human body anatomy is difficult to understand if not demostrated perfectly. many studenst can get confused which organ names what and locates where. so a professor from india wanted us to make a proper demonstration to show which system of the body stands where

Sleep Science

Our sleeping time gets effected in many way, with many hormones in our body. this animation shows how the body reacts on various hormone on the time of our sleep. sometimes, we go on depression, sometimes we go on joy, and everything has an efefct of on our body and sleep time. thats why this is so important

Corona Protection

At the last of year 2019, we got Covid-19. A very massive pandamic, which mostly has damaged us from every side. on that very time, we also had to continue our important works, such as we needed to go to the embassy as well to complete our important works. Here in this video, we have showed that how Somalian Embassy used to take protection for the peoples who will go to embasssy to get their work done. which also shows their best try to protect everyone from Covid-19. 🙂

Uterus Fibroid Embolization

Sometimes, male uterus get some surgical problem, such as, they have some tumors sometimes. this surgery shows they way how the tumor of the uterus is removed from male birth system

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